What Are the Benefits of Joining Metal Detecting Clubs?

22 April 2011

If you're looking to uncover more hidden treasures, you may want to look at how metal detecting clubs can give you an advantage in moving forward with your detecting skills. There's more to this hobby than you might think. It's not just a silly leisure activity people pick up to find loose change. Some people enjoy the adventure of meeting new people and learning the history of the location they are detecting in. Metal detecting is an opportunity to find buried treasures that might be hundreds of years old.

Newcomers can reap many benefits from joining a club. When you first start out you might be overwhelmed or find that you need some help. Club members are always more than willing to provide tips to help you improve and advice on metal detecting equipment. Joining a club is a great way to meet people who share your interests. It can be exciting to hunt for buried treasures as a group. You can learn lots by hanging out with others who have done detecting for years. If you are already experienced, you can help newcomers by sharing your experiences and giving some tips to help shorten the learning curve. Sometimes clubs have special newsletters that announce detecting excursions as well as secret tips and stories shared by others who are more experienced.

The best thing metal detecting clubs can offer is the opportunity to travel to a variety of places where there is a good chance to find items of value. These clubs put in the time and effort to research a specific location and organize metal detecting hunts. This means that as a member you just need to show up with your gear since everything else has already been done for you. If you ever plan to find items of value you will have to put in a good amount of time to research specific areas that may hold what you're looking for. This time researching could be time spent outdoors detecting. Having the club organize everything gives you more time to enjoy your hobby.

Most clubs start their membership dues at $25 a family per year. Membership is open to anyone, from beginners to experts. Usually the only requirements are to follow the club rules and detecting etiquette. Rules normally consist of covering up holes where digging for treasures occurred. You have to make sure you leave the area as you found it. The club always establishes permission when detecting a certain area. This is important as you do not want to get caught trespassing while detecting.

Joining a club can be very advantageous in your quest to getting better at metal detecting. From providing camaraderie to organizing special events, metal detecting clubs have an overall goal to bring people together who enjoy being outdoors and hunting for hidden treasures. The benefits offered can help newcomers and experienced detectorists hone their skills while learning more about their hobby.

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