Using Headphones for Metal Detecting

18 November 2012

Metal detectors and headphones go hand in hand. All metal detectors produce audio signals while passing over metal targets. The signals can range from faint noises to something quite loud at times. Success in metal detecting depends on how well an individual uses the combination of a metal detector and a headphone.

Most people believe that when no one is speaking or when nothing is going on, silence prevails. Now if you have recorded a video with a handy cam, you will realize how many exterior sounds (caused by air) get recorded and eventually spoil the video; mostly in cases where you record a conversation. Like ways, high impedance headphones help you to get even with distracting sounds of wind and waves.

Can Stereo Headphones be substituted for Metal Detecting Headphones?

Various metal detectorists and professionals are either divided over this question or prefer avoiding it. But if you go by experience rather than theory, multimedia system headphones should not be used for metal search for the following reasons

• Common headphones are vulnerable towards moisture and there is a possibility that this vulnerability may mute minute signals

• The frequencies on which stereo headphones work are very different than what is required in metal search

• In addition, normal headphones have issues with volume control as well.

• Stereo headphones are not 100 % noise canceling devices.

• The abilities of stereo headphones are such that you will rescan the same areas again just in case you heard something which captured your attention

• Matching preferential ohms also gives issues.

If you are still not sure, you can try hiding some metal flakes somewhere (preferably buried under some mud) and try comparing both, normal headphones and metal detecting headphones as well.

All in all, headphones used in metal search are specially made for such events and that is the reason the frequencies, components and the working are slightly different from normal headphones available.

As metal detecting is all about sounds, investing in a good quality headphone would not be a bad idea. It is advised to buy headphones and the metal detector at the same time, rather than buying the set separately. It is nice to listen to suggestions, but go with reviews and experiences for a good brand of headphones.

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