Metal Detecting Techniques - Low and Slow

18 August 2012

Low and Slow! How are your metal detecting techniques? You may have a great metal detector with all the bells and whistles; you may have done great research and boast all the proper equipment, but tweaking your technique could result in a tremendous leap in finding your more and better treasures.

A very common mistake that most metal detector novices do is have the coil of the metal detector too high off the ground. That empty space between the ground and the metal detector is wasted space, but is counted as your part of your depth. Swing your metal detector very low to the ground, even scrubbing the ground at times. Your detector only reads so far down. When you're several inches off the ground you are losing that space. You can't discover anything in air space. Keep it low.

You don't want to damage your coil, so a protective coil cover is essential and will protect the coil. In your attempt to keep the coil close to the ground you will rub the ground with the detector many times. Protective coil covers are not expensive. Protective covers are usually less than $20.00 in most cases. As I've mentioned in previous articles, swinging low and parallel to the ground will bring bigger and better results and is much more productive.

Most all coils emit a cone shaped signal. I picture an old fashioned ice cream cone with a pointy end. By imagining straight lines from the top of the cones circumference to the ground, you can imagine the empty space that is not getting detected. Overlapping your swings by as much as 50% every time will allow the signals to go deeper, cover that entire area and result in more treasures.

Slow down. This is not a race. The goal is not to see how much ground you can cover, but to find loot! Take it slow and pay attention to your path. It's not about how fast you cover an area, but how much you cover an area. You can walk a given area in record time, but the amount of ground you miss is way more than the ground you detected.

When you detect a good find, STOP. Check that spot again and again. Recheck that area until you are sure there in nothing else. Very often rechecking will reap great rewards. Hunting hot spots requires careful checking and rechecking. Coins and rings can be turned on edge. You can find these by doing a slow sweep of the area again.

So, remember that turtle and the hare. Winning the race takes it Low and Slow.

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