Develop Your Metal Detecting Skills

14 May 2012

Evolving from Metal Detecting Enthusiast to Metal Detecting Specialist

There's no issue with your eagerness for metal detecting but there's some doubt about your metal detecting abilities. If you want to transform your enthusiasm into something more productive, apparent, and concrete such as acquiring real honest-to-goodness finds. Here are some important tips for bringing your detecting abilities to the next stage:

Treasure Hunting

Technique In order to prevent losing depth, always keep in mind that your metal detector coil should remain low and level to the ground. Don't neglect to use headphones, no matter how proficient your hearing is. Take your time sweeping the ground. if you're after worthwhile finds rather than bettering the record of who found something the quickest, sweep the ground slowly and with meticulous care. Make multiple sweeps over the same area to assure that you missed nothing. And last of all, take the time to read your metal detector's user manual at least twice!

Your Other Hunting Equipment

Always have extra batteries and a charger with you. Make sure that your charger has the required connectors so you can use it in the car during urgent situations. Never forget to take a flashlight with you. Before heading out, make sure that the flashlight is in good operating condition.

Have you ever dreamt Publishers Clearing House came to your door one bright and early morning? Or maybe you bought a lottery ticket, feeling the hopefulness of being sent a large check every week for the rest of your life.

Talk to friends and find out where their favorite swimming holes are on local creeks. What about their favorite fishing spots? Any place where people have congregated along a creek is likely a good treasure hunting spot.

Where can you find hidden treasure? Almost anywhere!

Comfort and Safety

Either have a backpack with you or wear a shirt or pants that have a lot of pockets. This will not only make your tools and equipment easier to get to, but it will also enable you to pocket small finds promptly in order to resume searching right away. Wear knee pads to protect yourself from sore knees or even injury. Always have insect repellent with you so you enjoy nonstop metal detecting. Don't forget to have plenty of drinking water handy so you can hydrate yourself at regular intervals.

With detecting, older is always better. Any land rich in history is surely rich with metal detecting finds as well. The question is where are these areas.

make all the research materials you can think of available to you such as the Internet and the library in order to look up old maps.

Make friends with old-timers in your area because they can almost certainly point you to a location or two that can't be found on any of the local maps you've come across, including old parks and businesses.

At this point you are merely a detector enthusiast, but with a bit of experience and luck, you will most definitely be on your way to becoming a prosperous treasure hunting professional.

From this we can see that whether it's a hobby or job it entails hunting for precious metals, gems etc. So we can assume that any job or hobby involving hunting for such items has an element of 'Treasure Hunting' involved in it.

I hope you find this information useful and that you retrieve more treasure because of it. As I know it has boosted the number of good targets that I have been able to recover considerably.

Metal detecting, be it relic or treasure hunting, is captivating whether as work or a hobby. There are many ideal locations where you can hunt to enjoy using your metal detector. It might be on a beach, near a gold prospecting site, or in an area that has many old relics and artifacts in it. Wherever you may go just remember that it is the thrill of the hunt that matters most! HAPPY HUNTING.

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